Welcome to Fuel Up!

We have great news for everyone who orders easy, affordable (or free) and tasty meals through our Fuel Up! Lunch Program: our new providers at The Lunch Lady are ready to start setting up accounts and taking your orders!
We think you鈥檒l find their ordering system easy and approachable: with the ability to quickly flip between days, a clean design that lets you easily add meals to your cart, and food options to serve a wide range of dietary needs.
Lunch deliveries will start on Tuesday, September 19th, so we encourage you to apply (for families applying for subsidies) or set up your new accounts now!

New 管家婆crm123696凤凰 Schools launched a groundbreaking school lunch program in February 2019 to achieve an important goal: ensure that no child is hungry and every child eats healthy.

We’re excited to be partnering with the team at the Lunch Lady to provide parents with options to order healthy and nutritious lunches on a daily, weekly, monthly or occasional basis.

Our budget-friendly and healthy daily lunch options align with the 鈥 with menu options available to order through an easy-to-use online platform.

There are many reasons families in New 管家婆crm123696凤凰 have chosen to participate: it takes the stress off of packing lunches every day, options are affordable and healthy … but also, it’s a program that supports kids and families in our community who are facing hardships, through offering subsidized ordering for children who otherwise might not have a lunch to eat.

Because no one knows who has ordered food and who is taking advantage of either full or partial subsidies, all kids enjoy their lunch together without the stigma that other meal programs can sometimes have.

As we continue to develop and improve this innovative program, our catering partners are also refining their process. Menu offerings are regularly updated and improved, taking parent and school feedback into consideration.

We are proud of the fact that this program is unique in Canada, and that our district has been a provincial leader in investing in food security. Our goals for a universally accessible program include ensuring the program is fully integrated into our schools, our curriculum, and the community.

Questions on options, ordering/orders and feedback on menus can be directed to: 贵耻别濒耻辫蔼蝉诲40.产肠.肠补听

Questions on subsidies or feedback on the overall program can be sent to: 贵耻别濒耻辫蔼蝉诲40.产肠.肠补听